Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Congratulations... to me

Yesterday a pack of yarn arrived, some delicacies I got as a total bargain on ebay. First layer, mostly some tape yarns whose destination for a project is unknown yet, second layer, some furry stuff and a heap of Opulenz by Gedifra, really expensive stuff which would cost at least twice that much than what I paid on ebay, postage included.
And the congrats reason is that I just finished the reindeers sweater. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? I didn't run out of yarn although there's not much left. The sleeves are a bit narrow for my preferences and the sweater is a size smaller than I am but I need to lose weight anyway. The pic of me wearing this garment will be shown sometime later. I tried it on and I looked... well, the reindeers are just across my breasts. Feel free to imagine how it looks like but don't blame me for your nightmares. Not posting a pic of it on me should be warning enough.

As a bonus I'm adding this pic: how to prevent the stitches escaping. Some hair elastic will do the trick. Hair things are useful in knitting in general.